Detox Debunked

January 4, 2013
Detox...Cleanse...Lose 10 lbs in 2 days...

Sound familiar?

I really dislike companies that promise consumers a "quick fix" when it comes to weight loss. Cleansing/Detox is just that.

Here's the real scoop:

1. Our bodies are amazing machines. They DO NOT need to be detoxed or cleansed. They are capable of doing that all on their own. You can thank your kidneys, liver, colon, etc. 

2. Any weight that you lose I can almost guarantee will come back and then some. Sure, eating/drinking 500-800 calories a day will promote weight loss, but the moment you go back to eating how you always did the weight comes back too. 

3. Interested in losing muscle? I didn't think so. When we deprive our bodies of adequate calories and protein by cleansing, it looks to other sources for energy...aka our muscles. 

4. Potential health complications and serious side effects. Yup, that's a risk you're taking when you sign up for a detox/cleanse.

Now, ready for the real solution?

1. Eat lots of whole fruits and vegetables. Think apples, broccoli, spinach, berries, etc. 

3. Incorporate lean protein. Salmon, chicken, tilapia, pork tenderloin, etc.

4. Don't forget fiber, low-fat dairy and whole grains. 

5. Get moving. Even 10 minutes/day is better then no minutes/day.
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?   Have you ever tried a detox or cleanse? What were your results?  ?


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