Healthy Tips for a Trim Turkey Day

November 20, 2012
Here are a few tips to help you stay trim this Thanksgiving
Work for your meal. Start the day out right with a walk with your family or signing up for a Turkey Day 5K.
Water, water, water. Drink water throughout the day instead of caloric beverages. Try to drink a glass before your meal to help you eat less.
Don't skip the most important meal. Even though you're most likely going to consume a huge meal, don't skip breakfast. Go light with something like fruit and an english muffin. It's better than nothing.
Portion control. Be careful of portions when plating your food. Make sure to enjoy those family favorites, but don't over-do it. Most of the time you can get the satisfaction of the dish after just a few bites.
Lean it out. Use smart substituting to help lean out some of your favorite dishes. Try applesauce instead of oil or greek yogurt instead of cream for dips and mashed potatoes.
Take a seat. When eating, make sure you aren't doing it mindlessly. Sit down and really enjoy what you are eating so you can be aware of those hunger cues telling you you're full.
Have patience. Once you're done eating, sit around and chat with friends and family for 10-15 minutes instead of heading back for seconds. This lag in time will help you decide if you really want more.
~* Just Ripe is wishing you and your family a healthy Thanksgiving! *~


  1. These are great tips!

    I find that a lot of people skip their breakfast, especially those that are preparing the meal.