Race Recap: Holiday in Lights 5K

November 19, 2012
This past weekend I decided it was time to end my race hiatus. I haven't raced since May 2010 when I did my first half-marathon. I've always stayed active, but recently I felt the need to sign-up for a race.
The Holiday in Lights 5K was the perfect race to kick off this holiday season. It was held at dusk so the last mile was through the holiday lights display. The lights made the race (and brutal hills) go by fast!

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My goal for the race was to be under 27 minutes but, the course was really challenging and full of hills. My final time was 28:30. I was just happy to be out there!

I would highly recommend this race for those of you in the Cincinnati area. I wouldn't plan on setting a PR due to it being on the tough side, but overall it was a fun course to run.
 ?What's the toughest race you've ever run? ?


  1. Yeah it was tough. I've always said of this race take your average time, I'm a 22-23 minute runner and just tack on 2-2.5 minutes for the 3 hills. I did this one in 25, it kicked my butt

    1. Sounds like you did well! Congrats! Thanks for stopping by Just Ripe!