Weekend in the City

October 22, 2013
This past weekend I was able to enjoy a girls weekend in the city...Chicago! It's always fun to visit - the atmosphere, shopping, food, scenery...what's not to love?!

We arrived Friday night and went to dinner right away. After driving from Cincinnati and getting stuck in Chicago traffic, drinks couldn't come fast enough! We decided on Mezcalina where I ate some delicious fish tacos with a heavy poor of Chardonnay. 

After a late dinner we headed home and my friends husband had the brilliant idea to "push our beds together" (the couch/air mattress). It was hilarious and made for many laughs.  
Saturday, we tried to sleep in. That usually doesn't happen and in true fashion we were up at 8am. We headed out for a hot yoga class (my first, more to come later!) to start our day.
Yoga was followed by brunch at Eggy's Diner where I got a ham scramble with toast. Yummy!
Once we fueled up we headed out to the city to do some shopping. Later on we got drinks at Howell's and Hood and then enjoyed sushi at Nori followed by a night out with games/drinks. Our friend downloaded the "heads up" app on her phone and I highly recommend it. It's like catchphrase on your phone and it's hilarious!
Sunday came waaaay too soon. We enjoyed brunch at Eggsperience where I had eggs Benedict that were delicious...are Benedict's ever not delicious?!
Overall, the weekend was amazing. Great friends, food and plenty of laughs! Can't wait to do it again!
? What's your favorite thing about Chicago? ?


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