Giveaway: SkinnyPop Popcorn

October 29, 2013
First giveaway alert!

I recently discovered a healthy snack while browsing the aisles of The Fresh Market. SkinnyPop! It easily caught my eye with the bright, fun packaging.

The thing I love most about this popcorn is it's simplicity. It's just natural popcorn, sunflower oil and salt. None of those artificial flavors that many of the other popcorn snacks contain.

Plus it's non-GMO which, I love. Corn is one of the most genetically modified foods out there so it's nice that this is all natural. Aside from non-GMO check out all the other reasons to eat Skinny Pop!
With 3g of Fiber per serving, Skinny Pop is also a good source of fiber! You should aim to get 25-35 grams of fiber per day. 
Throw some in a ziplock bag and you have a great on-the-go snack!
...SkinnyPop was nice enough to send me samples to giveaway! Just enter in the comments section why you want to try SkinnyPop and I'll randomly select a few people to try their product!
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Please note this post was not sponsored. I did not receive any compensation. All opinions are my own.


  1. I want to try skinnypop because I'm trying to lose weight and it's hard to find snacks that won't use up all my calories

    1. Send your shipping address to and I'll get a sample sent to you! :-)

  2. Ooo I'd like to try this because of the short ingredient list and the fact that 4 whole cups is only 155 Calories!

    1. Send your shipping address to and I'll get a sample sent to you as well! Thanks for commenting! :-)

  3. I'd love to try this because I'm always looking for a low calorie snack. Meredith245 at yahoo dot com