Book Review: Joy's Life Diet

April 22, 2013
Time for another book review! This book was written by one of my favorite dietitians...Joy Bauer! I actually had the opportunity to see Joy speak in Michigan during my dietetic internship. She's definitely someone I look up to professionally. You can watch her on the Today Show and see previous clips here! (click on Joy Bauer on the left hand side under "contributors")
Let's get into the book review shall we?

Joy's Life Diet book is centered around "four steps to thin forever." It walks you through how to change your lifestyle and eating habits for good. This isn't a fad diet but rather a lifestyle change that promotes "reprogramming" your appetite and the way you eat.
Some takeaways I liked from this book include:
Drink plenty of water
Eat 3 meals per day plus a snack
Incorporate lean protein, fruits/vegetables, whole grains and reduced fat dairy
Get off that couch and move!
I also enjoyed the inspiring weight loss success stories shared throughout the book!
 Like most diet books, this one included meal plans (6 weeks worth!) as well as tons of recipes!
 What I didn't care for in this book was the "foods allowed" versus those not as part of the first few steps of the plan. I think having the mindset of forbidden foods only increases people's desire for them.  You need to learn to acknowledge cravings with a bite or two and move on. Don't let food control or define you.
Overall, this book would put many people on the path towards success. The stories leave you inspired and the meal plans are straight forward. Bottom line, eating healthy is a way of are you living yours?

Buy this book and others written by Joy Bauer here

? Do you have any diet book suggestions for my next book review? ?


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