Nuts for Nuts

November 6, 2012
Lately, my boyfriend and I have literally been "nuts for nuts." We always have to have a can, bag or jar on hand. Some of our favorites at the moment are almonds and cashews. We've been obsessed with Emerald nuts. Jim prefers the plain, unsalted almonds, but recently I've gotten the cinnamon as well as the cocoa roast flavors, which are both fantastic! They also make a Mint Chocolate flavor which closely resembles thin mint Girl Scout cookies. Yum!


I recently bought a container of Marcona almonds, which are more of a splurge, and they were gone within two days. They are so delicious!

Nuts are good for you for many reasons, but mostly for their healthy fats. The healthy fats to look for on a food label are the mono and poly unsaturated fats.  These help lower the bad cholesterol in our bodies or LDL cholesterol. Nuts also contain fiber, protein and plenty of vitamins and minerals.

Be mindful of the portion size when trying to lose weight. Nuts are healthy for you, but they are also nutrient dense and the calories add up quick. Try portioning out small snack bags so you can grab a serving when your stomach grumbles instead of eating right out of the container.

Happy Snacking!

?   What kind of nut to you prefer to snack on?   ?


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